Complete all the tasks in the 36 to 24 months, 24 to 18 months, and 18 to 12 months checklists. If you are just beginning your preparation for retirement, you must work on all previous checklists concurrently with the following:

At this point, your focus is on finalizing your retirement plans and beginning your civilian job search.

  • At the 9 to 12-month mark
    • Submit your retirement request (those retiring from Active Duty must submit no more than 12 months out and no less than 9 months out) and draft leave plan.
    • Finalize your leave plan for Administrative Absence (formerly known as Permissive TDY) and terminal leave.
      • Submit your final request for Administrative Absence and terminal leave 60 – 90 days before you plan to take it.
      • Your dates may be as far as 6 – 9 months out from your retirement date depending on how much you plan to take and when.
    • Complete the pre-separation transition checklist (DD Form 2648) with the transition services office.
  • Complete your professional wardrobe for job interviews.
  • Start your active job search.