Below are links to briefings, documents and websites that provide you a complete overview of the Department of Defense Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) program. Congress established SBP in 1972 to provide retiring Soldiers a means to provide a portion of their retired pay to their eligible survivors. The SBP is paid to survivors as a monthly annuity. For a married Soldier at retirement, electing spouse SBP is a joint decision between the retiring Soldier and spouse. By law, the spouse must concur with any SBP election that provides less than the full spouse SBP coverage. The SBP cost is deducted monthly from retired pay before taxes are calculated. Electing SBP extends the benefit of retired pay past the lifetime of the Retired Soldier to the surviving spouse. The SBP Fact Sheets below provide detailed information on parts of the SBP program that may apply to your particular situation. If you have questions, contact your Retirement Services Officer (RSO).

Survivor Benefit Plan Basics

DoD Actuary Website - Information about replacing SBP with life insurance, DoD subsidies for SBP premiums, and the probability that a spouse will outlive the Retired Soldier and collect SBP payments. Click on " Survivor Benefit Plan" (at the top of the DoD Actuary page) and choose the topic of interest.

Survivor Benefit Plan Fact Sheets

Reserve Component survivor benefit plan