Congratulations!  You are now part of a proud population of Retired Soldiers that is over 1 million strong!

Following retirement, there are still a few things that need attention as you move forward into your post-retirement life as a Retired Soldier:

Your Last Day in Uniform

  • On the day you retire, turn in your CAC.
    • The day after retirement is a good day to obtain a new Retired Military ID for yourself and new Dependent ID cards for your Family Members. This is critical as it affects your benefits, which have changed! 

Within 30 Days After You Retire

  • Your benefits are different as a Retired Soldier so, if you haven't already, be sure to obtain a new Retired Military ID for yourself and new Dependent ID cards for your Family Members as close to the day after your last day in uniform as possible.  This is an important step and must be done within 30 days after retirement. 

Within 60 Days After You Retire

  • If you desire a Dental and/or Vision Insurance plan, enroll in FEDVIP through the Benefeds website between one day before and 60 days after your military retirement date. To prevent a gap in coverage between your active duty or reserve plan and new FEDVIP plan, you must enroll prior to your military retirement date. If you miss the enrollment window you must wait until the next open season to enroll.

Within 90 Days After You Retire

  • Enroll in a TRICARE plan and initiate the allotment for the premiums (this is not done automatically).
    • The Army is responsible for updating DEERS with your retirement date. This may not happen until you are already retired. Until this date is in DEERS you cannot enroll in a TRICARE plan as a Retired Soldier.

Within 120 Days After You Retire

After You Receive Your VA Disability Rating

Anytime After Retirement

  • Continue to serve by joining a Veteran or Military Service Organization or the Retiree Council at your closest military installation.

Use the  0 - 6 months After Retirement checklist as a guide to all the post retirement tasks.