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Visit the Army Retirement Planning Toolkit:

  • Retirement is a process, not an event.
  • It may take as much time as a second job - start early.
  • Understand how your retirement impacts others, especially your household-include your spouse/significant other in all retirement planning.
  • Checklists to guide you in preparing for retirement from 36 months prior to retirement up through your retirement date.

Please see our Resources and Links page and our Health and Wellness page for other non-retirement specific resources.

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Army Retirement Services develops Army policies and oversees Army wide programs that educate Soldiers and their families about retirement, advise survivors of soldiers who die on active duty/inactive duty for training, advocate for and advise Retired Soldiers and surviving spouses until death in order to comply with federal laws and DoD and Army policies, convince Retired Soldiers to remain active Soldiers for life who help Veterans get hired, inspire the next generation to join the military, and connect Americans with the Army that defends them.