After you retire, we want you to be a Soldier for Life – a true advocate for the Army wherever you live.  

The mission for Retired Soldiers is to “HIRE & INSPIRE”:  To help veterans get jobs. To inspire our youth to follow your footsteps into military service.  To inspire Americans to understand and support their Soldiers and their Army. 

You can do that by identifying yourself as a Soldier for Life by wearing the Army Retired Lapel Button (SFL Pin) or putting the SFL window sticker on your car or truck.  These SFL items will be in your Army Retiring Soldier Commendation Program package along with the US Flag and a letter from the Army’s senior leaders. 

When Americans see them and ask about your service, please tell them your Army stories.  Help us reduce the civil-military divide and bust the myths they may believe about Veterans.

Mark E. Overberg

Director, Army Retirement Services