New U. S. Army Retired Lapel Buttons are now available
Posted on February 20, 2015

The new U. S. Army Retired Lapel Button (at left) is now available at Exchange stores and on their their website.

Soldier for Life launches Army Echoes Blog
Posted on February 19, 2015

Welcome to the Army Echoes Blog, the U. S. Army’s latest effort to communicate with its retired community. From 1956 to 1979, the Army communicated with its retired community through the Retired Army Personnel Bulletin. In 1979, the Army changed the bulletin’s name to Army Echoes, but it remained a hard copy newsletter.

About Army Echoes

Army Echoes informs Retired Soldiers, surviving spouses, and their Families on changes to their benefits and entitlements, developments within the Army, and how they can continue to support the Army.