Just a click away: Resources for aging Veterans

Please take this opportunity to view a 5-minute tour of the VA Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care (GEC) website, This tour provides a practical overview of what the website offers aging Veterans, their families, and the clinicians and staff who serve them.

Here are some of the most important topics covered in the tour:

Shared Decision Making

Your first stop will be to learn about the process for making collaborative, patient-directed decisions based on the goals and priorities of the Veteran. This process is called shared decision making and involves the Veteran, their caregiver, the care team and a social worker.

Common topics for which shared decision making is used include choices about:

  • Long term services and supports, which support Veterans in remaining independent – which is what most older people want, and
  • Advance care planning, which involves choosing someone to make the Veteran’s wishes known if the Veteran is no longer able to do so.

You will also be introduced to decision aid Worksheets – tools to help guide the Veteran and their family through the shared decision making process.

Long Term Services and Supports

The website tour also acquaints you with comprehensive descriptions, including short videos, to ensure everyone has information about all types of long term services and supports including:

  • Home and Community Based Services –such as Homemaker Home Health Aides and Respite Care. These services help chronically ill or disabled Veterans of any age remain in their homes.
  • Residential Settings – such as medical foster homes, adult family homes and assisted living; and
  • Nursing Homes – including VA community living centers, community nursing homes and State Veterans Homes.

More Information and Support for Veterans

You will be introduced to information on other topics of value to our aging Veterans including advance care planning, paying for long-term care, wellbeing and links to websites to help you locate services and resources.

And, the tour will show you how to click and print any of the tools or information on the website.

And More Information for Staff

Last, there is also a brief overview of resources for staff, including news about the Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care, and some of the programs it hosts including the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Centers (GRECCs), and the Geriatric and Extended Care Data Analysis Center (GECDAC).


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