Are there programs for active duty wounded, ill, or injured service members looking for education and employment opportunities?


The Department of Defense (DoD)'s Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) assists wounded, ill, and injured service members early in their recovery process. E2I helps these service members successfully transition to civilian life by helping identify their interests and skills and then matching them with education and career opportunities.

The 10 regional E2I coordinators—located across the country—work tirelessly with the military, federal agencies, private-sector businesses, and institutions to locate training, employment, and education opportunities for Wounded Warriors. Regional coordinators are available to develop career decisions, post-secondary/graduate/professional school plans, employment plans, and/or job search competencies.

But the commitment doesn’t end there. Throughout the entire recovery process, E2I coordinators provide expert education and career advice and guidance. The process continues until service members either return to duty or transition into a successful, productive civilian life.

Recovering service members looking for this type of opportunity, or transition coordinators who know of a recovering service member who would benefit from E2I, should email for more information.

Click to download an E2I Participation Request Form.

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