SFL Health and Wellness



Health and Wellness

Connects governmental and nongovernmental organizations that resource and assist with the healthcare needs of transitioning Soldiers and their Families, Retired Soldiers, and our Veterans.

Provides ongoing consultation to organizations and community stakeholders that are positioned to participate in the Soldier reintegration process. Projects the influence of numerous health and resiliency programs into the Veteran space.

R2 Strengthening Campaign

R2 Strengthening Campaign

The Strengthening Campaign supports the US Army Ready and Resilient (R2) strategy for strengthening individual and unit readiness through sustained personal readiness, optimized human performance, and fostering a culture of trust. R2 provides training and resources to the Army Family to enhance resilience, maximize holistic fitness, and optimize performance. R2 reinforces the Army Values, beliefs and attitudes, and educates members of the Army team about the importance of building connections with each other, taking care of one another, and being there to support fellow Soldiers For Life.

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