#WorkAtVA: Follow the hashtag to learn about VA careers

The next time you’re on social media looking for career-related info, try searching by the hashtag #WorkAtVA. Not only will you discover the opportunities our recruiters are currently promoting, you’ll also see what other VA employees have to say about being on our team.

Among the many things people are talking about is the mobility our organization offers. As the nation’s largest integrated health care system, VA gives you the freedom to work virtually anywhere in the United States. Whether you want to live by the beach, in a bustling metropolis or a tight-knit rural town, chances are you’ll find one of our facilities nearby. And if you transfer to a location where there’s an available position, you won’t lose any benefits, vacation accrual or—in most cases—your current salary rate.

Speaking of benefits, as a VA employee you will also enjoy generous paid time off and other perks that help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s all part of serving those who’ve served America—an honor that can bring unmatched fulfillment to your career.

Are you ready to #WorkAtVA? Explore our open roles and apply for one today.

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