WW II veteran participates in granddaughter's promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel

Ron Frank, 91, an Army veteran of World War II , recently participated in the promotion ceremony of his granddaughter, Kimberly Ann Ferguson, affixing the epaulets of Ferguson's new rank of Lieutenant Colonel to the shoulders of her uniform.

Three years earlier Ferguson, 39, had honored her grandfather, presenting Frank with the Purple Heart he earned but had never received.

Ferguson grew up hearing stories about her grandfather’s career as a soldier—he landed on Utah Beach on D-Day and helped liberate the city of Cherbourg—and she wanted him to be part of her most recent Army promotion.

“I grew up listening to his stories and thinking my grandfather's a hero. He protected our country,” she said. “He's my hero.”

In addition to putting the silver oak leafs on her uniform, Frank administered the reaffirmation of his granddaughter's officer oath.

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