VLER HIE Initiative: Because Having the Right Information is Always Important

When it comes to your health, information is important. Your doctors need information about your medical history and the need for information continues as long as you need care. The Military Health System (MHS) is making it easier for you and your providers to get the information you need, all from one resource - the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Health Information Exchange (HIE) Initiative.

Access to your information is important to all of your providers, regardless of where you receive care. Through our private and secure network, only authorized healthcare professionals will access your health care information. The information exchanged is already part of your TRICARE benefit.  If you are active duty, your information is already shared through VLER HIE.

Non-active duty beneficiaries can choose if they want to participate. If you don’t want your information accessed by your doctors in VLER HIE, you can opt out. Once you opt out, the MHS will not be able to share your information, even in case of an emergency.

To opt out, you can go to TRICARE.mil, download and complete the VLER Opt-Out (In) Letter template, then mail it to the address provided on the letter. If you choose to opt out now and change your mind later, you may opt back in.