Three things Veterans should include on their resume and in an interview

Gainful employment is an important part of anyone’s life. Transitioning from a military career to a civilian career can be daunting and challenging for many. Veterans have a plethora of skill sets and experiences to mention on their resumes and in their interviews. Here are three things every Veteran should include on their resume and boast about in their interviews.

Leadership: This is the trait we emphasize often with Veterans. Most Veterans leave the military having some form of leadership experience. Some Veterans led entire commands, while others were responsible for a single human being. Either way, that experience is valuable for the work place. Combine leadership experience with initiative and decision making and you have a character any employer would be proud to hire. Listing leadership on a resume is pretty straight forward.

Follower: The other side of that coin is how good of a follower we are. We spend our entire military service following and obeying orders. Not every employer is looking to hire a manager, supervisor or person specifically meant to lead. Plus, every other Veteran that is interviewing for that job will be bragging about their leadership traits. You can be the person that stands out by explaining how you followed orders and took initiative based on the commander’s intent. Even if you’re applying for a leadership position, you’ll presumably answer to someone above you and assuring them you can follow instructions will only help.

Teamwork: A successful unit requires teamwork. That includes good leadership, obedient and effective followers and strong collaboration among peers. Teamwork and company culture are important for many organizations. List an example of where you were a part of a strong team and describe that experience in the interview.

The sum of these parts make the character and reliable worker that employers are looking for. No matter the position or industry you are looking to get into, these three points can help strengthen your candidacy. For more employment resources provided by VA and the Department of Labor, visit and for details on careers with VA, visit

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