The Army University

As the Army transitions from more than a decade of continuous combat operations, education is the most reliable strategic investment the Army can make to address warfighting challenges. The U.S. Army is reorganizing its education enterprise into a university structure that will maximize educational opportunities for Soldiers by providing valid academic credit for the education and experience they receive while on active duty. This effort provides a cost savings to the Army in tuition assistance and unemployment expenses, and improves a Soldier's ability to transition into quality employment opportunities after their service.

The Army University will produce Soldiers and Civilians that are capable of tackling the wide range of military operations required to win in a complex world. It will create opportunity for those who are transitioning into the civilian sector, making them Soldiers for Life.

The Army University encompasses all U.S. Army Training and Command schools, provides the force with a single point of contact for all Army education matters and addresses the educational needs of the Army while providing individual Soldiers and civilians the opportunity to accomplish their own respective academic goals.

The purpose of Army University is to:

  • Provide professional degree and credentialing opportunities
  • Communicate the value the Army places on education
  • Gain national recognition as an accredited educational institution
  • Increase partnering with public and private universities
  • Identify talent and integrate best practices across the education system

The Army University will ensure all cohorts receive rigorous and relevant instruction, creating opportunities for students and faculty to participate in exchanges with civilian universities. Transitioning personnel will have the necessary tools to be successful in the work force, nesting with the Soldier for Life program.

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