TRICARE offers new appointment reminder option

Reprinted courtesy of TRICARE News

New TRICARE Online, or TOL, enhancements allow people to schedule text and email appointment reminders for all appointments, regardless of the booking mechanism.

Whether booked via TOL, a military hospital or clinic's appointment call center, in person at the military hospital or clinic, or via Composite Health Care System personnel, text and email reminders can be scheduled to help manage family's medical appointments.

The appointment reminders are easy to set up, said officials. Just log in to TOL with a Common Access Card, Premium Department of Defense Self-Service Logon, or Defense Finance and Accounting Service myPay logon and define up to three email addresses and mobile phone numbers. People will receive a confirmation message when booking the appointment, as well as a reminder up to 48-72 hours before the scheduled appointment time, and again, two hours before the scheduled appointment time. For a quick video tutorial on how to set up TOL appointment reminders, visit

TOL provides secure and convenient access to military hospital and clinic appointing, prescription refill and DOD Blue Button personal health data services. For more information about TOL visit