Soldier for Life launches Army Echoes Blog

Welcome to the Army Echoes Blog, the U. S. Army’s latest effort to communicate with its retired community. From 1956 to 1979, the Army communicated with its retired community through the Retired Army Personnel Bulletin. In 1979, the Army changed the bulletin’s name to Army Echoes, but it remained a hard copy newsletter.

Since 1956, the Army has frequently changed the newsletter’s format based on available resources and technology. In the beginning, the newsletter varied from four to 20 black and white pages distributed by mail. Electronic editions posted on the Army G-1 website became available in 1996. Email delivery started in 2004. Color editions distributed by mail began in 2009. Smart phone apps were launched in 2011. And an email update service between editions began in 2014.

The Army Echoes Blog is freely accessible to the public at without a user name or password. The Army expects the blog to better inform its retired community than the mailed or electronic editions of Army Echoes by providing more-frequent news and benefit information, along with readily accessible archives. After an initial start-up period, the blog will also allow Retired Soldiers to post comments about articles on the blog itself.

Army Retirement Services will provide a wide range of retirement-related news and information of interest to Retired Soldiers and their families from the U. S. Army, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other federal agencies.

Readers may subscribe to the blog using the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feature on the blog that will send them newly posted articles.

The Army will continue to mail the 16-page edition of Army Echoes three times a year to Retired Soldiers and surviving spouses who do not have an email address associated with their myPay account and to Gray Area Soldiers who do not have an email on file with U.S. Army Human Resources Command.