Save When you Fill your Prescription at a Military Pharmacy

Did you know that you can fill your prescriptions at military pharmacies at no cost to you?

Military pharmacies can fill prescription written by military or civilian provider for up to a 90-day supply of most drugs. Check with the pharmacy first to make sure they carry your drug. You can find the military pharmacy closest to you at

Military pharmacies stock most drugs on the basic core formulary and many brand name maintenance drugs on the uniform formulary. Beneficiaries have no copay for prescription drugs at military pharmacies.

Military pharmacies do accept electronic prescriptions from civilian providers, which can save time and cut down on potential errors from using a paper prescription.

If you call the military pharmacy and they can’t fill your prescription, you have other choices, including TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery and retail network pharmacies.

The process to transfer a prescription to a military pharmacy is simple. Just take your prescriptions to the new pharmacy and they will work with your old pharmacy to move it.

You can pick up prescriptions for a family member or someone else at military pharmacies but the process may be different at each pharmacy. Get guidance from your military pharmacy so you know what you need to pick up someone else's prescription.

Military pharmacies are usually found at a military hospital or clinic but some are free-standing facilities located elsewhere on the post or base. You can find more information about using military pharmacies online.