Retirement Calculator "Not Eligible" Message

Recently a retired Master Sergeant complained to the MyArmyBenefits Help Desk about not being able to access the MyArmyBenefits retirement calculator. His attempt to do so was met with a “Not Eligible” error message and this individual felt, after 25 years’ service, he should be eligible to use the retirement calculator. Similarly, because retirement calculations are not secret, he wondered why this information would be kept away from Retirees behind a “locked door” not available to the general public.

A “Not Eligible” error message in the retirement calculator comes about in two ways. First, if an active duty Soldier has retired or a National Guard/Reservist has reached their Retired Pay Eligibility Date (usually age 60) and are receiving retired pay, the calculator realizes they don’t need a calculator to tell them the dollar amount they are already receiving and returns the error message “Not Eligible.” The second way this error message appears is more complicated. If a Reserve Component Soldier with 15 or more Good Years is deemed medically unfit and offered severance pay or a medical retirement and is close to age 60, they may choose to decline this offer, leave the service, and wait for the longevity retirement. The trade off to receiving the medical retirement immediately or a one-time severance is that the longevity retirement may well be a higher amount. This situation generates a “Not Eligible” message in the retirement calculator if HRC erroneously codes the file as “retired.” Happens. Infrequently. But if it happens to you, please contact the MyArmyBenefits Help Desk, 1-888-721-2769, and they will perform the retirement calculation for you.

As to the second comment, retirement calculations are not of themselves confidential. But MyArmyBenefits creates a personalized computation derived from information contained in the Soldier’s personnel files and that information is protected. Therefore the Soldier accessing the calculators requires a CAC or DSLOGON. As the CAC is surrendered when a reservist enters the Grey Area, these individuals will require a DSLOGON, which can be applied for on the MyArmyBenefits homepage (