Retired Soldiers Remain Strong with Online Communities

From the time a Soldier earns that title, he or she is a Soldier for Life—someone who serves strong while in the military, and who remains strong by continuing to live Army Values and Warrior Ethos after retirement or transition. The Army’s enduring commitment to Soldiers, Retired Soldiers, Veterans and their Families is alive in programs like Army Retirement Services and Soldier for Life.

How can Retired Soldiers stay actively connected to the Army Family?

As the popularity of social media and online communities continues to rise, so too does the age demographic of users. Since 2012, the only age demographic that increased usage in social media is 30-49 year-olds. The upper half of this range correlates to the age of newly retiring Soldiers.

Three Platforms to Stay Connected
Of the numerous online and social media platforms, the following are the best fit for Retired Soldiers:

  • Army Soldier for Life Network: Soldier for Life’s LinkedIn community is specifically geared toward transitioning and retiring Soldiers and their Families. Here, group members can access employment opportunities as well as helpful information and tips on resume writing, interviewing and more. More importantly, the Army Soldier for Life Network provides an atmosphere of peer mentoring. Joining this group is a great opportunity for Retired Soldiers who want to continue to serve by reaching out to the next generation of those transitioning and to share their expertise. After all, who better to give advice than someone who has already experienced retirement from the Army? Join the Army Soldier for Life Network here:
  • milConnect: This platform is a social networking site for Soldiers, Retired Soldiers, Veterans and their Families. The site offers a centralized location for personal information, healthcare eligibility, personnel needs and more. Retired Soldiers can sign in with a myPay account. Here, users can post questions and view answers from the military community, as well as view their own personal information.
  • RallyPoint: This online community provides a platform where service members representing all branches of the military can connect and discuss topics ranging from leadership, politics, post-military life and more. More than one in eight service members use this platform. Once a user creates a profile, he or she can begin connecting with Soldiers who are still in uniform or who have transitioned or retired. Find the RallyPoint Army Veterans page here:

Staying connected to the Army Family online is easy, free and, most importantly, it provides Retired Soldiers with the camaraderie that many miss after serving for 20 years or more.