Not in My Squad. Not in Our Army. We Are Trusted Professionals.

"Not in My Squad, Not in Our Army" is the U.S. Army's pledge to focus on the well-being, safety, and dignity of Soldiers and civilians and highlights the critical role the noncommissioned officer corps plays in leading and sustaining the Army. The premise is that greatness spreads faster than indiscipline; Soldiers will want to be part of a team that fosters greatness.

The first portion of the pledge, "Not in My Squad," is a call to duty for junior leaders to take responsibility and own solutions for those in their care.

The second part of the pledge, "Not in Our Army," is an Army-wide, all level call to action for officers, senior NCOs and civilians to expand the initiative beyond the squad to every organization in the Army. Army senior leaders will personally request, consider and, whenever possible, implement "Not in My Squad" recommendations.

The third part of the pledge, "We Are Trusted Professionals," reminds Army personnel that wherever they are -- at home or abroad -- they represent the American people.

The Army selected a diverse group of 32 squad leaders from across the force who exemplify the Army profession and who will begin designing a "Not in My Squad" way forward during a three-day workshop, June 16-18. These squad leaders will discuss and develop recommendations on how junior NCOs can further build and sustain a climate of dignity, respect, trust, and inclusion.

Indiscipline detracts from personal and professional readiness and Army core values -- loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Further, indiscipline directly conflicts with Army officer, NCO, and civilian creeds that demand respecting the dignity and human rights of others; devotion to the welfare of those under our care; and acting with dedication, candor, and integrity to earn the unquestioning respect, confidence, and trust of all Soldiers and civilians.

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