MyArmyBenefits has the answer for every benefit question

MyArmyBenefits,, is the Army’s official benefits website and the primary source for all federal and state benefits plus retired pay and survivor benefits calculators that are excellent planning tools. The amount of information provided in the website is of particular value to Soldiers and their families – Active, Reserve and National Guard – veterans, Retired Soldiers and survivors.

The over 150 federal benefits fact sheets and state benefit summaries are in open forum and accessible by anyone through the internet. The calculators – Retirement, Survivor and Disability Ratings Estimator -- require a Common Access Card (CAC) or a Department of Defense Self-Service LOGON (DS LOGON) for access because the calculator uses protected personal information from the service member’s official personnel files, including the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System and Total Army Personnel Database, to perform calculations.

For active component Retired Soldiers, the MyArmyBenefits Retirement Calculator is of limited utility because their actual retired pay is known and log in attempts are, therefore, denied as “ineligible.” Reservists in Retired Reserve status, however, could still use the calculator to project what their retired pay will be at age 60 (or earlier as adjusted by mobilization time), only if they have DS LOGON because their CAC was surrendered when they transitioned to Retired Reserve status. Alternatively, as the only exception, Retired Reservists who are working as civilian employees with a DOD-issued CAC can access the calculator. No DS LOGON? The MyArmyBenefits Homepage has instructions and links to obtain DS LOGON for individuals without a CAC.

If you have any questions about military benefits or getting DS LOGON please contact the Benefits Specialists, Monday through Friday from 0900 to 1700 (9:00 – 5:00) EST at 703- 286-2560 or 888-721-ARMY (888-721-2769) or you may use the contact form on the website, accessible from the “Need Benefits Help? “ box on the right side of the Home Page,