Junior ROTC wants 250 recently-retired Soldiers to fill vacancies

The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Command (AJROTC) program instills the values of citizenship, service and personal responsibility in high school students through education and mentoring. At least one retired Army officer and noncommissioned officer (NCO) are assigned to each unit. AJROTC instructors are retired military members who continue to wear the Army uniform with their retired grade during the performance of their duties. Instructors are required to maintain Army uniform wear and grooming standards while serving as instructors.

Officers (captain to colonel) and NCOs (staff sergeant to command sergeant major) with the following prerequisites may apply:

  • Bachelor’s degree (officer – required; NCO – preferred)
  • Retired with at least 20 years of active duty
  • Retired less than 3 years ago
  • Meet Army/AJROTC height/weight/body fat standards (30% male/36% female)

AJROTC instructors receive, as a minimum, an amount of pay equal to the difference between their retired and active duty pay, which includes base pay plus allowances for quarters, subsistence, and clothing (NCOs only). Schools must pay the minimum but may pay more subject to negotiations between the instructor and the school.

The Army reimburses the school for one-half of the minimum. Each active duty pay raise will result in increased AJROTC pay.

AJROTC instructors are not on active duty or inactive duty for training. Only their pay is computed as though they were on active duty. Their net pay may be different because allowances are not taxable on active duty, but AJROTC instructors’ allowances are considered part of their gross pay and are taxable. Retired status does not change.

To learn more visit: http://www.usarmyjrotc.com/employment/faq

For a current list of vacancies visit: http://www.usarmyjrotc.com/employment/jrotc-vacancy-list

By Lt. Col. Adam Grim, Employment Director, Soldier for Life Office