How to Create a myPay Account

MyPay is the most effective, versatile and flexible way to manage your retired pay account. However, if you don’t have a myPay account, the process of creating one might seem daunting and prevent you from even starting. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Read on to see how you can create your own myPay account.

If you've never used myPay, visit and click "Forgot or Need a Password" to have a temporary password mailed to you. Once you have received a password, return to the myPay home page and click "Create an Account" to get started. Enter your SSN and temporary password.

If you see the following message in red: “The combination you entered is incorrect. You have already created a LOGIN ID and should not be using your SSN to log in. Please try again” this means you already have a login ID. By now you’ve probably forgotten it, so you’ll need to go back to the myPay home page and click “Forgot your Login ID?” Enter your SSN and temporary password to have your Login ID displayed on screen. Then, return to the home page to login.

Once you have logged into your account, if you are not prompted to create a permanent password you will need to do so to avoid your password expiring. If you password expires, you will need to request a replacement which will delay your ability to manage your account through myPay. Once you are in myPay, select the Personal Settings Page from the main menu. Then select the option to Change Password – for use on myPay web only. Follow the criteria for your new password and enter into the appropriate field and verification field. Please note that this password is only good for 150 days. If you do not log into myPay before the 150 day period, your password will expire and you will need to request a temporary password.

If you have trouble, call myPay at 888-332-7411 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

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