Get Ready for Tax Season! Make Sure Your myPay Account is Active

When was the last time you logged on to myPay?

Some retirees only use myPay once a year to get their 1099-R during tax season. Then they try to access their account and discover that their password is expired or forgotten. If you are not a regular user of myPay, be proactive this year to avoid delays in getting your tax forms.

Expired Passwords

Do you know if your password has expired? myPay passwords expire every 150 days. You will automatically receive an email about 10 days before your password expires to remind you to update your password. To find out more about password requirements visit:

Reactivating your myPay account

If your myPay account is in an inactive status because your password has expired, follow the simple steps below to reactivate your account.

  1. Go to the myPay website at
  2. Click on the “Forgot or Need a Password?” link and enter your Login ID
  3. Choose to send a temporary password to your email and then go back to and log in to activate your account

Don't wait until January, February, or March to access your myPay account. Log on to myPay today to be prepared for tax season.

Remember that the self-service options available through myPay simplify the management of your military retired pay and give you access to personalized information about your retired pay.

Check out the link below for helpful tips and tricks when navigating myPay:

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