From the Director of DFAS Retired & Annuitant Pay

At DFAS, delivering first-class service to our customers is our priority. At the same time, we must continue using taxpayer dollars wisely. I'm writing to ask for your support in balancing these two objectives.

We have invested in making self-service options available to our customers. We are asking you to consider using these options, whether through myPay or our website, whenever you can.

Using myPay benefits you. Rather than calling or mailing a written request and waiting 30 - 60 days for your account change to be processed, you can do it in a matter of minutes and without leaving the comfort of your home. In addition, we've recently added some new functionality to myPay to make it more helpful for you.

Getting the paperwork together for a loan application can get complicated, especially for mortgages and other high value loans that require verification of your pay. myPay now allows military retirees to download official pay verification statements without calling, mailing, or faxing requests to Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Tax statements such as the IRS Form 1099-R are used by military retirees for filing or correcting federal and state tax returns, adjusting income tax withholding rates, and a variety of other planning and legal business. With your myPay account, you now have access to five years' worth of 1099-Rs to help keep your personal, financial and legal concerns in order.

To help get you started with myPay, we've included instructions on creating a new account in this newsletter or check out our new online video tutorial at We've also developed a more detailed set of instructions which you can find on our website at

Please understand we're not requiring you to use myPay, but we're sure when you do, you'll find the convenience and security well worth your while.