Exchange Serves Soldiers and Families beyond Retirement

Those in the Army know once you raise your right hand and sworn to defend your Nation, you are a Soldier for Life. What retired service members may not know is that they retain their Army & Air Force Exchange Service benefit for life, even after retirement.

This benefit allows retirees and their families to shop tax-free and enjoy the Exchange's military-exclusive pricing. You can save on all your shopping needs-from name-brand electronics and apparel to household supplies and more. Plus, you can do all your shopping without leaving your home with, which features more than 2 million items that can be shipped right to your door.

Perhaps the best part of shopping the Exchange is knowing that every purchase you make-in store or online-is helping active-duty Warfighters, their families and the military community. 100 percent of Exchange earnings are reinvested in the military community, including through support of vital Quality-of-Life programs, such as Army Child Development and Fitness Centers.

Finally, please let your friends and family who are honorably discharged Veterans know that they are now able to shop military exchanges online. So many Soldiers sacrificed for our Nation yet did not remain in the service long enough to receive retirement benefits, often due to drawdowns or circumstances beyond their control. The Exchange has worked to make this benefit available to them. Since the launch of the benefit in November 2017, Veterans have placed more than 1.1 million orders at online military exchanges and saved nearly $5 million in sales tax. Veterans can go to to verify their eligibility and start shopping the same day.

The Exchange is with our service members from their very first uniform through PCSing, retirement and beyond. We support troops in 49 states and 34 countries, including in the Middle East and other contingency locations. When natural disasters strike and our military answer the call, the Exchange is there to support our service members, wherever they go. We are honored to be able to continue our commitment to you beyond active-duty service, through discharge and retirement. It is how we strive to say "thank you" for all that you have done for our Nation.

Soldier for Life!

Tom Shull, a former infantry company commander, served as Military Assistant to Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Reagan. Currently, he is the Army & Air Force Exchange Service's Director/CEO and has served as CEO for retail and consumer packaged goods companies.