Echoes from the past

Retired Army Personnel Bulletin explains medical benefits

The Retired Army Personnel Bulletin, the predecessor of Army Echoes, clarified the medical benefits retired members and their dependents’ were eligible for in the April 1957 article reprinted below.

There still seems to be some misunderstanding as to the facilities at which retired members and their dependents may receive medical care at Government expense. Unfortunately, some erroneous information has appeared in print on this subject.

Eligible retired members and their dependents are entitled to medical care at any medical facility of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or United States Public Health Service, subject to the availability of space and facilities and the capabilities of the professional staff. Medical care in civilian facilities at Government expense is not authorized for any retired members or their dependents. [emphasis added]

The December 1956 issue of the RETIRED ARMY PERSONNEL BULLETIN listed those categories of retired personnel and dependents who are entitled to medical care at uniformed services facilities. Retired members should refer to the December BULLETIN if they are in doubt as to whether they or their dependents are eligible for medical care.