Brain Injury Center Seeks ‘Champions’ to Share Personal Stories

By Robyn Mincher, Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) is recruiting survivors of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) to share their stories of courage and resilience for its A Head for the Future TBI awareness and prevention initiative. These “TBI champions” will show the importance of recognizing brain injuries, and that recovery is possible.

A champion can be a service member, veteran or family member who has experienced brain injury in a noncombat situation. Champions will help spotlight TBI prevention and detection and encourage others who may have sustained a brain injury to get it checked out. A Head for the Future will feature champions using video testimonials and promote stories through blog posts and social media, including the DVBIC page on Facebook.

Most cases of TBI in the military are diagnosed as occurring in noncombat settings. Leading causes include motor vehicle collisions, falls, sports-related incidents and training incidents.

Spread the word to help identify and recruit service members, veterans, and family members who are willing to tell their stories.

Are you a TBI champion, or do you know one? Get involved and contact the team at A Head for the Future.