Army approves new Soldier for Life window sticker

By Mark E. Overberg, Deputy Chief, Army Retirement Services

On Apr. 28, the U. S. Army authorized the creation of a new window sticker to promote the Soldier for Life program. The new sticker, designated Department of the Army Label 180 (Soldier for Life), is depicted to the right. It will be available to Army units through the Army publications system this summer. It should also be available through commercial sources, including the Army & Air Force Exchange System (AAFES), this fall.

The Army created the Soldier for Life (SFL) window sticker to expand awareness of the Soldier for Life program and the mindset reflected in the SFL motto, "Once a Soldier, always a Soldier ... a Soldier for Life!"

Retiring Soldiers will be issued two of the window stickers in the Army Retiring Soldier Commendation Program (ARSCP) package they receive at retirement or, for Reserve Component Soldiers, when they transfer to the Retired Reserve. The ARSCP also includes an American flag, the Retired Army Lapel Button, which incorporates the SFL logo, and a letter from the Secretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff, Army and the Sergeant Major of the Army.