Army Volunteers: Lifting Spirits, Touching Lives

Throughout history, volunteers have played an integral role in the lives of Soldiers and their families. In the early years of our country, volunteers mended uniforms, cared for the sick and wounded and comforted families of fallen Soldiers. The Army Volunteer Corps continues the proud tradition of volunteer service in the history of the Army and extends it into the future, transmitting the values of character, pride in our nation and selfless service from one generation to the next.
Today, our volunteers are found throughout the military community. Soldiers, civilians, retirees from all Services , spouses and youth are providing services in schools, in hospitals, on sports fields, and in many other organizations and offices.
Our retiree volunteer population makes up almost 50% of Army volunteers. Recent data has shown that over 397,000 retiree volunteers contributed more than 14 million volunteer hours extending the Army’s budget by $3 million. Indeed, retirees’ rich experience, loyalty, commitment and discipline are needed and critical to share with current and future generations to encourage and model selfless service and lifelong volunteer commitment.
If you would like to join this unique corps of volunteers you can search for opportunities at, or you can contact your local Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator at any Army Community Service (ACS) center across the Army. To find your closest ACS, visit the MyArmyBenefits resource locators webpage (
By Lorraine Clark, Installation Management Command Army Volunteer Corps Program Manager