Army Retiring Soldier Commendation Program (ARSCP) Package

In the Feb-May 2016 edition of Army Echoes, we shared an article entitled “Veterans Enterprise of Texas supports Soldiers and homeless vets” by Mike Marshall HQ, IMCOM Retirement/Transition Services Program Manager/Flags & Pins Contracting Officer Representative. The article provided information about the package contents and the contractor who assembles the packages. 
This article provides additional information to include the eligibility dates that apply for award of the Army Retiring Soldier Commendation Program (ARSCP) package as well as who to contact.
All Soldiers, regardless of component, are entitled to receive recognition for their service upon retirement.  The presentation of the United States Flag to all retiring servicemembers became law on October 1, 1999.  Any Soldier who completed the years of service required for retirement eligibility on or after the effective date were entitled to receive a U.S. flag.
The ARSCP package contains a letter signed by the Secretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff of the Army, and the Sergeant Major of the Army as well as a U.S. flag, a U. S. Army Retired Lapel Button, and two Soldier for Life window stickers.  The ARSCP package was created and implemented on May 15, 2009.  If you retired on or after this date, you may be eligible. 
There isn't an application process for the ARSCP package and it is not available for commercial purchase as it is a military award.  If you feel that you were eligible, but did not receive the proper recognition, then you should contact the Retirement Services Officer (RSO) through whom you transitioned.  There is an RSO directory located at  If you retired from the United States Army Reserve (USAR), you should contact your servicing Regional Support Command (RSC) ( and if you were in the ARNG, you should contact your state RSO ( 
Although you may not be eligible to receive an ARSCP package, you can contact your nearest RSO to inquire if they have any Soldier for Life car decals available.  You can also purchase the U.S. Army Retired Lapel Button or the Retired ID Badge through AAFES store locations or online at
If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your nearest RSO.

By: Lynn M. Peterson, Army Retirement Services Officer Program Manager