Are you a Soldier for Life?

How often have you watched a movie or television show and cringed at how Soldiers were portrayed? How often have you read a newspaper story about a Soldier and thought, “That’s not accurate.” If they don’t encounter Soldiers in person, Americans only know what they are told by the media – even if that is wrong. What Americans need is another, more credible source of information.

Retired Soldiers are a credible source of information for how the Army works and what Soldiers do and don’t do. The Army needs you to tell Americans that you are a Retired Soldier. America needs you to tell your Army story, so they know what Soldiers are really about. If those of us with first-hand experience don’t take the field, we leave the field to those with no experience. And they can easily get our story wrong. Misunderstandings widen the civil-military divide. That’s bad for the Army and bad for America.

You can bridge the divide. The Army’s two missions for Retired Soldiers are to HIRE and INSPIRE.

• To HIRE Soldiers who need a job after they leave the Army

• To INSPIRE Americans to join the Army by talking about your Army career and by volunteering on military installations, with Veterans groups or other groups in your local area

Are you wearing your Soldier for Life pin? Do you have the Soldier for Life window sticker on your car? The Soldier for Life logo is a conversation starter. Americans want to know about your service. Are you telling your Army story? Are you a Soldier for Life?

By Lt. Gen. (Ret) James Lovelace and Sgt. Maj. of the Army (Ret) Kenneth Preston, Co-Chairs CSA Retired Soldier Council