Change of Mission

Change of Mission is the Army’s official newsletter for Soldiers in all three components with 17 or more years of service. Change of Mission educates Soldiers about the retirement process, the decisions they and their families will make leading up to and immediately after their retirements, how their benefits will change when they retire, and why the Army wants them to be active Soldiers for Life in retirement. Army Echoes, the Army’s official newsletter for Retired Soldiers and surviving spouses, will continue this education process immediately after their retirements.

How do I subscribe to Change of Mission?

Change of Mission is delivered automatically every quarter to the email address that Soldiers with 17 or more years of service have on file in their myPay accounts at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Where Can I Read Change of Mission?

The current edition of Change of Mission is available here. Older editions are available in the Change of Mission archive.

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